AINA TIR-FAX October 29, 2010



  • Ruci: Berisha should provide a reply about the offer of the opposition

  • SP: The state of the hospitals is miserable

  • Opposition absent in the talks for the electoral code

  • Basha: The liberalization of visas is a priority for the young people

  • Meta will meet young members of SMI in Fier

  • Spiropali: The destruction of the Pyramid is being made to attract attention

  • President Topi visits Bulqize


  • USAID: The fund for Albania will be withdrawn on January 31, 2011

  • Duty stamp on cigarettes goes up

  • Currency values today


  • Basha meets the prefects of the country for the anti-winter measures

  • Parents prosecuted for obliging their children to beg

  • Vandal act in Durres

  • A bar burned down in Shengjin

  • Elbasan, three employees of a commune arrested

  • Vlore, 25 year old man injured with a fire arm

  • Vlore, 25 year old man self injured
  • Berat, 34 year old man arrested for possession of weapon arsenal

  • Secretary physically violated at City Hall of Leskovik

  • Court adjourns the decision on the extradition of Rrapo


  • Doctors who abuse will be penalized
  • CEZ: Power cuts throughout the whole country for 5 days

  • Association of Disabled People to protest for the non recognition of their passes

  • Program for the employment of young people in Kukes

  • MT: Tirana Municipality is destroying urban transport

  • Vlore, residents suffer lack of drinking water

  • Military training at sea

  • Universities classification, good orientation for students

  • 50 penalties to cable operators for illegal broadcasting


  • ?Marie Kraja? festival to start on Saturday


  • Weather forecast tomorrow

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