AINA TIR-HAX September 29, 2010



  • The option for negotiations on the administrative court is left open by the SP

  • SP appoints 400 coordinators

  • Kodheli: The government is making illegal business with cash registers

  • Idrizi delivers the Cam issue file at the US State Department

  • The government decides on the refund of cash registers

  • Rama in Korce: The government is corrupted

  • Simoni: SP accusations about the cash registers are sheer lies

  • Berisha receives the new OSCE ambassador in Tirana

  • Meta clears ME from Prifti?s people

  • DP continues its accusations against Rama

  • Ajtyresa: If Halimi possesses facts, he should take them to court

  • Monika Kryemadhi elected the General Secretary of the SMI


  • Fullani: The economy is gradually recovering

  • Albanian trade deficit is negative

  • Currency values today


  • Dedja: The Constitutional Court will be entirely independent

  • Man finds death by falling off a building in Elbasan

  • A 35 year old man stabbed to death in Vlora

  • Extradition of Almir Rrapo to be decided tomorrow
  • 12 Albanians arrested for drug trafficking in Italy

  • A 30 year old man accidentally shot to death while hunting

  • Three persons arrested for theft in Tirana
  • Head of Italian mafia handcuffed for drug trafficking? in Vlore

  • A 26 year old man dies in a road accident in Tirana

  • A physically impaired child born in Italy, father blames the doctors

  • A 27 year old man attacked in Tirana today


  • Rama inaugurates the rehabilitation of a new residential area in Tirana

  • Water supply system of Lushnje in danger
  • Students should be admitted according to their first preference
  • Shkumbin River polluted by urban remains


  • Weather forecast tomorrow

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