AINA TIR-FAX, September 30, 2010



  • The NATO commander, Stavridis today in Tirana

  • Berisha-Stavridis discuss the law about SIS

  • Berisha: We?re ready for changes in the law

  • Berisha: The opposition has turned into an anti-market force

  • Meta visits the International Fair of Furniture

  • Paulin Sterkaj leaves the democrat parliamentary group

  • Berisha receives French MPs

  • Meta: Support to Kosovo in its trading pacts

  • Ruli, the issue of the former exhibition is entirely legal

  • Klosi: Sejdiu?s resignation is a lesson of democracy

  • Xhafaj: Here are the proposals of the SP

  • Bode: The Municipality of Tirana has abused with taxi meters

  • Rama: Berisha sunk the country into crisis

  • Kodheli: The affairs with cash registers

  • The confiscation of criminal assets

  • Opposition abandons parliament


  • Currency values today


  • Pretence given for the members of the “Gang of Lushnja”

  • Rrapo will be extradited to U.S.

  • Elbasan: A 15 year old teenager stabs his father

  • A pedestrian hit to death by a car in Lezha

  • Member of Italian mafia owns a casino even in Tirana

  • A 31 year old woman attempts suicide in Vjosa River


  • Vasili gathers the committee of Ethics

  • Vertopi: Pilot project for helping children

  • Residents of Orikum on protest for their properties

  • Books in Albanian for emigrants

  • Tirana: Deadline of applications for accommodation extended to October 20th


  • The days of cultural heritage, epos and dialects


  • Weather forecast tomorrow

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