AINA TIR-FAX September 27, 2010



  • Topi delivers the nomination decree to the new head of the Constitutional Court

  • Berisha: The opposition cannot cover its corruptive affairs

  • Berisha: Wages, infrastructure and visas remain the priority of the government

  • Topalli: SP should vote the draft law on the administrative court

  • Halimi writes to Attorney General on the charges pressed against Ligori

  • Kodheli: The government abuses with the fiscal tills

  • US Embassy: The law on administrative court should be passed

  • Haxhinasto: The participation of Albania in the UN was very successful

  • Shezai Rrokaj elected the head of the SMI for Tirana

  • MF: The real concern is the 20% corruption at the municipality

  • Rama inaugurates the rehabilitation of a residential block in Tirana

  • SP: Kulicaj should be investigated

  • JUP holds an official visit to the US

  • DP continues its accusations against Rama

  • SMI supports Prifti in? Fier


  • Prices of vegetables go down

  • APC makes public the data in relation to power plants

  • Currency values today


  • A 15 year old teenager dies in an accident in Durres

  • Man found hanged in Shkoder after his divorce

  • Almir Rrapo in front of the justice again

  • Water causes infections amongst children in Vlore
  • Three people stopped for weapon possession by police in Tirana

  • Three people arrested for the murder of an elderly man in Saranda

  • Topi pays homage to director of ?Way to Peace? Center

  • A 44 year old man arrested by Kavaja police


  • TIA: The burning of hospital remains is dangerous for residents

  • Law commission approves a bill for domestic violence

  • Shortage of school texts in Elbasan

  • Project takes place in Elbasan for the improvement of the image of the city
  • Fear from floods return in Durres

  • English doctor offers free health checks to children

  • Universities: Second phase of registration to start today

  • 20 thousand health system employees receive pay rises


  • Dinamo at the top of the ranking table

  • ?Qemal Stafa? stadium may close its doors


  • Weather forecast tomorrow

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