AINA TIR-FAX, August 31, 2010



  • Berisha: Roads and environment are a priority

  • Prifti: SP should not attack the business

  • NRC: We act in accordance to the law and not orders

  • SP: Bregu lied about the number of power plants

  • Meta visits the headquarter of the Parliament of Central America

  • SP: We don?t attack the business, but government corruption

  • Xhacka: The director of NRC must resign

  • Xhacka: The director of NRC must resign

  • Bosch leaves Albania, farewell meeting with Topi


  • Excises increase prices of food products

  • Fullani: The increase of the budget deficit not allowed

  • The construction of a new hydropower plant in Kukes approved

  • Currency values today


  • London court refuses bail for Kumbaro

  • Human trafficker caught in Kakavije

  • A 19 year old Albanian hit by the train in Italy

  • Durres, Italian criminal sent behind bars

  • Two accidents in Berat cause one dead and seven injured

  • Last farewell to the police killed in Shkoder

  • Car falls on a private beach, one person dies


  • Pogradec, 380 pupils will start the academic year in a ruined building
  • Mat, lack of investments in Frankth village

  • The study of the touristic starts in the area of Seman-Divjake

  • Burrel, the factory of chromium will soon resume its work

  • Rrogozhine engulfed by smoke

  • Vlore, ?storm? of dismissals at the district council

  • ME, text books sold without the receipt

  • Municipality of Tirana on the students transport

  • The tender for the purchase of medicines concluded


  • On the 1st of September starts the Balkan theater festival


  • Weather forecast tomorrow

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