AINA TIR-FAX, June 30, 2016



• Rama – Albanians and Turkish people are like brothers

• Constitutional draft-amendments already published

• President’s speech in Vienna

• DP never relinquishes recommendation 88

• Council of Ministers approves social insurance draft

• Chairmen Conference’s decision opposed by the opposition

• Fighting human trafficking is a common battle

• This government is bringing the country to an energetic disaster

• Justice Minister – Inmates must me integrated in the labor market

• CEC future cooperation with IAECROT


• BoA-MF new law on banks safety

• Minister Haxhinasto meets Chancellor Merkel

• Minister Gjiknuri – EDO’s 8 bln ALL tender for clients’ census

• Minister Ekonomi – Subsidies for every registered farmer

• Minister Panariti on food safety – Mayors will be fined

• Taxation system massively fines small business

• 50% of INSIG fund goes for Tirana New Ring

• INSTAT – Italy the main trading partner

• Building designers equipped with e-signature

• NANR appeals to mining subjects for online declarations

• Currency values today


• Father exploited daughter for begging


• Airport robbery


• Mother Teresa face to face with Jesus Christ statue


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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AINA TIR-FAX, June 29, 2016



• Bundestag will sustain Albania reform, but not forever

• The President – Our heart is with Turkey

• Opposition – We’ll pray for Turkey victims and families

• Meta – Albania and Turkey to fight terrorism side by side

• Rama in Turkey

• A successful military training phase of AF

• USA and Albania pledge to fight terrorism together

• How to manage climate changes


• WB lists Albania the 117th in goods transportation

• BoA – 10 individuals own 450 mln USD of deposits

• BoA monetary policy, stimulating

• MF – No increase of wages and pensions

• Minister Haxhinasto – Region oriented towards market liberalization

• Minister Panariti – To guarantee veterinary reform!

• Minister Panariti – Trade balance improved by 9.3%

• Experts – Albanian banking system safe

• Institutions arrears mount up to 2 bln ALL

• WHO to Albania – Increase funds for health sector

• Jan-May, Gross written primes amounted to 5.5 bln ALL

• June 2016 – High number of ships and ferries in Durres port

• Currency values today


• Additional security measures at Rinas Airport


• Court of Appeal releases 2 Operational Forces officers


• Holy See to host exhibition on Mother Teresa by Albanian sculptor


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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