AINA TIR-FAX, October 20, 2016



• Today’s plenary sitting

• Protest is Democrats strategy to topple this government

• SMI won’t relinquish its request of transparent electoral lists

• Speaker Meta meets his Chinese counterpart Dejiang

• Basha – Electoral system has been misused by PM Rama

• Very tense plenary session rift with hard disagreements

• Defense and Interior Affairs against Manjani proposal over drugs

• Minister of Education claims of 19.165 university enrollments

• Opposition leader admits complicity over the current electoral system

• CEC gets ready to manage and organize local elections in Kolonja

• JIU Party reinforces its position in the ruling coalition

• How does the Right sees the reform in the education system?

• UK Ambassador Norman – Albania cannabis and hashish worries GB

• Albania-China cooperation memorandum on water management


• IMF agreement with the government has bared its fruits

• 8, up to 12 mln EUR to be annually spend on road maintenance

• China thinks big on project in Fier city

• Actual budget. Ahmetaj – 2.8% of economic growth as a result of domestic demand

• Public investments. Institutions fail to attract foreign investment this year

• Vlora harbor. A 2 mln USD tender fails since its opening procedure

• No matter the good hydro situation, EDO has reduces its power exports

• Electro-Energetic Corporation gets 218 mln € from EBRD

• Albanian state budget and fiscal package under IMF scanner

• Regulatory Power Unit approves a new contract for producers

• Currency values today


• A year later Albanian asylum-seekers in Germany increases again

• EU provides scholarship to young civil servants


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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AINA TIR-FAX, October 19, 2016



• Rama – “Fresh Voice” initiative is refreshing our young leadership

• Ben Blushi presents its new political project in Fier city

• Minister Kodheli – Armed Forces against drugs? Let’s be serious…

• The President repels Chamber of Commerce bill to parliament

• “Challenge for Albania”, a newly born political party

• DP – Prosecution and SS should operate independent from PM Rama

• Republicans – By avoiding electoral reform, Rama reaffirms his manipulation intentions

• Albania is eyeing the Chinese investment in all sectors around the country

• Albania and Kosovo PMs hold very casual and random coffee meeting

• Albania-Kosovo consulate established in Munich

• Common pilot projects to be pursued by Albania ad China

• Albania attends the First Economic Forum in Munich

• The probe on senior official’s crime starts off next month

• Albania finds strong military support from Turkey and Italy


• Public investments…involvement of foreign and domestic financings

• Former-owners let down by Venice…they’ll address to Strasbourg

• INSTAT – Merely 17% of Albanians possess a car

• Minister Ekonomi – Albania offers favorable rooms for foreign investments

• Bankers Petroleum President will focus mainly on hydrocarbon sector for investments

• PowerChina plans to construct super-highways in Albania

• Tirana Mayor – Parking incomes to invested in infrastructure

• 8 mln EUR invested in Oncologic Hospital

• Taxi service fare in Albania, the highest in the region

• Survey – Loans at foreign currency, insignificant side effects

• Copywriter’s tariffs start being collected for the 1st time after many years

• Currency values today


• Grave situation in Lezha city due to massive floods

• Jobless man threatens to burn himself with gasoline


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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