AINA TIR-FAX, July 29, 2016



• Speaker Meta – Nothing will stop Albania EU integration path

• Right-wing leader – Nothing is more important to us than the reform

• DP strongly believes that consumption and production have fallen

• US Ambassador Lu – The Citizens not the parties won the battle

• PM – We accept only DP proposals agreed by Washington

• Meta’s speech at the special meeting held by Ad-Hoc Committee chair

• Speaker Meta – No extraordinary plenary sitting until August 11

• Vlahutin meets Speaker Meta over the 7 bills

• Integration Minister aims to build long-term regional projects with Greece

• Swiss Embassy celebrates National Day with Albanian authorities

• CEC – Only 19 senior officials carry a blank declaration form

• Bash gets an assessment by the US congressmen over the reform


• Economy Minister – DP is lying about the giant port of Kavaja

• IMF – Tax Department should be subject of reform

• Concession business is the fastest growing industry in Albania

• Money exchange. ALL gains point toward EURO and USD

• Lezha city with the highest economic growth, thanks to coastline tourism

• SSA – Here the financial damages with respect to specific fields

• Fuel and power surge, exports drop

• Loans revitalization, but only for individuals, not businesses

• Tirana and Fier, Albanian richest cities

• 5 billion USD port makes even the government skeptic

• Currency values today


• National Lottery hosts a new stockholder, NOVOMATIC


• Former SP MP, Mark Froku’s assets seized


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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AINA TIR-FAX, July 28, 2016



• Minister Gjosha – No opening talks without a positive recommendation

• Vetting bill, what to expect?

• Basha – Consensus is the way to approve the 7 laws

• Deputy PM – The reform paves the way to 250 mln EUR investments

• “Prevention of Radicalism and Extremism” conference held in Tirana

• Chairman Xhafaj – Time is the sole obstacle in voting the Vetting bill

• Self-declaration form closely related to Vetting process

• Opposition leader – Adoption of 7 bills violate the Constitution

• New bill on mayors, it enhances their powers

• Agriculture Minister – Albania to consume only imported meet

• USA and EU insist on August 11 over the 7 bills adoption

• CEC entitled to verify self-declaration form of MPs and mayors


• Inter-banking Direct Debiting bill to prevent pay bill restrictions

• EBRD lends 5 mln EUR to micro-financial institutions

• Small and middle agri-businesses to profit from EU funds

• INSTAT – Exports fall to 6.4% in June

• Free-of-fee margin of online buying drops

• Road of the Nation. DP – An abuse. SP – The fee is lower then alleged

• 1.1 mln USD from EU to modernize accountability system

• Government spent 1 mln EUR to cure hepatitis B or C

• State budget review. Expenses will face new amendments

• Currency values today


• Armed Forces to assist TAP project in preparing the area

• Power fee abuse – Subscribers will get two invoices


• Arben Frroku to be judged by Amsterdam Court


• 40 rare Albanian flags to be soon presented to the public


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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