AINA TIR-FAX, February 21, 2017



• Opposition leader – Fleckenstein is not here to negotiate

• Knut Fleckenstein arrives in Tirana

• Fleckenstein urges DP not to boycott the parliament

• Rama – DP mustn’t manipulate parliament boycott to hinder Vetting

• President holds meeting with USA and EU Ambassadors

• Kukan – Parliament needs opposition in, not outside in a protest

• Opposition is unwilling to negotiate over free elections

• High level meeting among President and Kosovo Speaker

• Minister Ekonomi – Ok with DP’s protest, but key drafts need voting

• CEC informs heads of state for verification forms progress of the elected


• ALL 90 bln of business debt will be remitted by government

• INSTAT – 172.757 foreigners spent their money in Albania on January

• On what bases Minister Ahmetaj foresees a 3.5% of economic growth?

• Government grants USD 4.5 mln to back employment

• FED invest backs Albanian businesswomen in Lushnje

• For 2017 Banks invest € 19.3 mln in technology

• Albanian Development Fund starts feasibility procedures for a new airport

• Bonds interest rate fall off as a result of demand’s increase

• EURO marks the lowest level in the Albanian market in 9 years

• Italians compare doing business in Albania with Cuba

• New invasion scheme…those who earn more run small business to avoid PIT

• Currency values today


• SSA survey. Albanians unsatisfied by city halls performance


• Prominent Ismail Kadare, among the 10 most read writers in England


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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AINA TIR-FAX, February 20, 2017



• Albania commemorates the fall of dictator statue since 26 years ago

• European Commission disapproves DP’s parliamentary boycott

• DP’s protest persists…all in an open air on the square

• Basha – Free elections is not just DP’s concern, it’s of people also

• Justice Reform Chair speaks of General Prosecution’s law violations

• Justice Reform Chair – ONM merely observes, does not decide

• Speaker Meta greets DP’s protest. The request for election is lawful

• Fleckenstein – Accession talks strictly linked to justice reform enforcement

• Fleckenstein starts up a three-days visit to Tirana

• PM Rama – Protesters are one thing, what DP demands is another

• Interior Minister – DP’s protest is a waste of time

• Premier is hopeful for a second mandate even without SMI

• CEC states there are not grounds against SP MP Prenga


• State forces HPP builders to pay VAT on machineries and equipments

• EDO invested mln 1.9 USD on Lezha’s electrical substation

• Import of machineries, equipments and auto parts store fell off

• Alternative investments are driving economy into e real development

• A twofold increase of Albanian commodities exports to China and Greece

• Albania pays 34-40 thousand € annual cost to attend EU Justice program

• Albania predicts an increase of renewable energy to 38% for 2020

• Insurance Companies paid € 2.1 bln for unpaid road accidents damages

• EBRD grants € 87 mln to South urban integrated development

• Negotiations on oil areas research seem to run down

• Petrela forest given for rest by City Hall

• Currency values today


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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