AINA TIR-FAX, March 29, 2017



• EPP resolution against the boycott and in favor of elections

• Meta – Current political situation is putting reforms at stake

• CEC postpones the formation of Local Commission Election Administration

• Opposition leader defends his cause at EPP

• Foreign Minister releases heavy statement over Basha’s visit to EPP

• US State Department official – Albania should not postpone the elections

• Foreign Relations Committee summons meeting over region’s tense situation

• Vice PM presets anti-narcotic plan, Army comprised

• Former PM Berisha posits to Cuttilo an open display to what is going on


• TAP will pay Albania to maintain the pipelines across the country

• Governor unveils the final conclusions of the current economic situation

• Vienna International Economic Study Institute foresees a 3.5 economic growth for Albania

• TICh Head – We are still too far from a politicians-businessmen dialogue

• What was the effect of import-export in 2016?

• IPARD II. €95 mln of investment to rural areas agriculture

• Albania is hoping to attract potential investors from Dubai

• Law on local finances lowers abuse with state budget

• Non-life insurance gains grounds, 26% more

• Tax invasion. EUR 26 mln caused by 24 businesses

• Star Tek announces the construction of 2 HPP on Erzen River

• Currency values today


• Job Fair overture in Tirana


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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AINA TIR-FAX, March 28, 2017



• Kukan – None in the EU sustains boycott in Albanian parliament

• Former CEC Chairs – To delay elections there must be a Election Code intervention

• Albania-France strategic partnership signed

• Interior Minister orders list’s draft of Kavaja elections

• PM Rama holds official visit to Paris

• Justice bodies. Constitutional Court is about to take its decision

• SMI – Elections are not a personal challenge. No elections without DP

• Fight against corruption. Albanian senior on a study tour in Austria

• Basha – Rama-Soros affiliation is running our country

• Justice Minister dismisses Head of prison police


• Even farmers will benefit from remission of arrears

• Economy Commission approves draft on partial remission of arrears

• Goodbye Call Centers! 30 companies suspend their activities

• EBRD executive board hold visit to Tirana

• Energy Ministry gives 3 companies the green light to a HPP construction

• Agricultural sector benefits €71 mln to enhance competitive capacities

• Green Energy Forum summons Albania and UK on April 27 in London

• Risk analyses. VAT-free small businesses are the greatest fiscal evaders

• Businesses with up to 5 mln turnover have stirred fiscal invasion

• Enterprises draft a list of 28 demands to facilitate procedures

• Currency values today


• FOA – Bad economy is spoiling Albanians’ healthy nutrition and life


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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