AINA TIR-FAX, September 26, 2016



• Fleckenstein – Hampering the reform puts access talks at stak

• The President – I didn’t choose to refuse vetting draft

• Waste import to be made based on country’s capacity

• Ahmetaj – Financial space to increase pensions and salaries do exist

• Former US Ambassador in Tirana back to Albania holding a new duty

• December 10 protest. City Hall wins the trial against DP

• SP planning to hold National Assembly the next Saturday

• PM Rama and former German Chancellor high level meeting

• Country’s integration. European Summer School opening

• SMI insists on the financial cost the justice reform bares

• Opposition pledges to take every step that obscures residues import


• Albania-Italy deal. Converting debts into development projects

• SSA assigned by Economy Steering Committee to check concessionary contracts

• Loans lend in ALL and bank deposits in foreign currency with the highest impact in the market

• BoA – Non-standard loans are augmenting arrears

• 3.7 bln ALL offer to treat waste import in Fier city

• Chinese currency legitimacy from IMF, with positive impact in Albania economy

• 93 % of property tax collection translated into concrete investments

• Government cuts expenses to 23 % for MPs trips abroad

• Tirana and Beograd apply high fares on shops for rent

• Investments in Albania …here is how neighbors point of view

• Currency values today


• Mother Teresa’s statue inaugurated in Brooklyn by Nishani

• 1.700 troops from NATO member states coordinate a joint drill in Albania


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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AINA TIR-FAX, September 23, 2016



• President Nishani at UNO – Kosovo recognition, a milestone of stability

• Foreign Minister important meeting with Mogherini ans Steinmeier

• Speaker Meta – There are political radicals, rather than religious

• Right wing takes all merits for the Banja hydro-power investment

• Ambassador Lu states Albania narcotic issue needs great attention from international community

• General Prosecutor – Not even menaces may hamper our noble job

• Parliament approves bill on judges and prosecutors status

• Interior Ministry officials under prosecution investigation

• Is referendum a good option to solve waste import issue?

• 2017 elections, Basha reveals candidates for MPs


• BoA – Loans lend abroad reached a total of 10%

• Albania already part of 5th Business Forum

• BoA – Banking system generates profits, despite bad loans

• 12 mln USD subsidy for agriculture…1100 farmers benefit

• Ahmetaj – Here the distinction among the new and old law on waste import

• Power energy price at free market frightens businesses

• Broadcasting System Operator – Businesses should not be afraid of free market

• Haute Couture brands contract with Albanian fason market

• Albania to import Iranian oil byproducts

• Currency values today


• Albania part of World Congress of Adventurous Tourism

• 1400 public services online to reduced time and stress

• Residues…a benefit for employment or environmental damage?


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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