AINA TIR-FAX, May 30, 2016



• Balkan in NATO is the best prosperity

• Albania and Greece not coming into terms over Cham case

• Kodheli – Challenges are hard, but there is no midway solution

• Meta holds a speech in front of NATO representatives

• Despite UK, Albania perspective is the EU

• Hollande invites Rama in Paris

• Leader’s meeting can’t bring justice reform to a solution

• Meta and Asgarov meeting

• Albania sustains Montenegro membership to NATO

• Vice PM – Decriminalization law too extreme

• Friendship monument to symbolize Albania-Kuwait relations

• EU and US Ambassadors seriously concerned on the justice reform


• BoA Governor meets French counterpart

• Minister Ahmetaj – Facilitated procedures for business

• Minister of Finances – Pensions to edge up soon

• Gjiknuri to Azerbaijan and Armenia – Don’t impinge TAP

• Minister of Economy – Strict measures on touristic season

• MF – Textile goods to be cleared at Tirana Customs

• Amends in budget management law

• Nation Road tender concluded today

• Exports mounted up in April with 1.5%

• INSTAT – Trade deficit widens 20.8% in Jan-Apr

• EDO’s tender of 7 mln USD to register electricity consumers

• Currency values today


• Mayor – The ridiculous request of the President


• Apprehension of an Albanian-Italian drug gang


• Jazz music performed inside Bunk-Art


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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AINA TIR-FAX, May 28, 2016



• Foreign Minister speech at NATO parliamentary session

• The President to attend Sarajevo Summit

• DP – We will sustain Berisha by boycotting the Assembly

• Bad intentional background over Berisha’s expulsion

• The President – Universities’ autonomy is the essence of governing

• “Encouraging spiritual interconnection” forum held in Tirana

• 49 senior officials broke the law

• Albania-Azerbaijan bilateral cooperation

• Meta-Turner congressman meeting


• 7th review of IMF Executive Board, Albania draws 36.1 mln EUR

• Arben Ahmetaj – IMF 7th review, good news for Albania

• Minister Ekonomi – Regional cooperation important for EU integration

• Milva Ekonomi – Justice Reform to be soon implemented

• Minister Ahmetaj against subsidies from foreign investors

• Minister of Transports – Albania needs 300 mln USD for signposting

• BoA Governor – “Be aware of Ponzi schemes”

• Gent Sejko – Why basic rate of interest dropped?

• Private HPPs to sale energy to EDO, not to APC anymore

• Testing agriculture products lab to be established in Lushnja

• More revenues collected from tax on personal incomes

• Currency values today


• Klos contaminated tunnels finaly cleaned

• Builders – Let’s turn 10.000 unsold flats into social residents


• Burned bus driver arrested


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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