AINA TIR-FAX, June 20, 2017



• US Embassy appeal to Albanian youth. Do not vote with anger!

• Rama sees that SMI is going batshit crazy

• Tirana Mayor – The success of Skanderbeg Square is beyond expectations

• Basha – June 25 is the day you vote for a stronger economy

• Meta – Vetting starts off first with Rama himself

• PM – Only together we can revolutionize public administration

• This time many socialists joint our case, Basha states

• Tirana Mayor – We need Rama’s support to finish what we started

• Meta – Such a dark agreement may hamper the elections standard

• Basha – No agreement with SP after the elections


• State revenues climb up by increasing public expenses

• Loan to agriculture seem insignificant, only 1.5%

• TAP tubes shipping arrives in Durres harbor

• Here the fiscal index on state revenues for the part 5 months

• Finance Ministry drafts provisions on tourism VAT

• Large expenses for the construction of National Stadium

• BoA assures for a stable government’s bonds market

• LEK 148 mln for bovine vaccination

• Economic promises inflation…how realistic are they?

• All focused on tax level, but what’s the real problem Albania is facing?

• Why this EURO devaluation

• Basha holds meeting with US Chamber of Commerce over taxes

• Currency values today


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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AINA TIR-FAX, June 19, 2017



• PM Rama alleges that SMI is deliberately hampering the reforms

• Basha – Here is why you should vote for us

• In Berat Basha calls for punishment to old parties

• SP has changed Albania with its European vision, Rama states

• SMI states SP is hiring its own people to leading positions

• Kashar Mayor threatens citizens with home demolition. No parties flags allowed

• Former Interior Minister Xhafaj – Justice path is now at a point of no return

• Basha – Lets start economy’s engine, not hand the steering wheel over someone

• Gjirokaster. Basha – Rama raises taxes, we grow the economy

• Rama – Accession talks with EU is at the gist of my agreement with DP


• In 5 months exports generated EUR 120 mln

• Famous Korca agricultural product exported to Asia and Africa

• Made in Albania wine the most requested in France

• Albanian products now part of Garten Party in Austria

• INSTAT – Market deficit climbed up during May

• New other HPPs on the way

• Abu Dhabi gives EUR 27 mln for new Tirana boulevard construction

• One unified tourist product. Agreement among Balkan countries

• ARMO oil dominates 34% of the market

• EURO is following an unstoppable fall towards LEK

• Currency values today


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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