AINA TIR-FAX, January 19, 2016



• Opposition leader received an invitation not a ticket to Trump ceremony

• Ad Hoc parliamentary committees huge financial damage to the state

• Electronic voting is at hand, but costs too dear

• LIBRA is acting like democrats concerning elections

• Meta meets Bersin…enforcing national security acts and fight terrorism

• Sessions – Trump shall closely cooperate with Albania

• Debate on 27 “Justice Reform” bills kick off

• Vetting law finally enters into force

• Former State Attorney testifies over CEZ case in parliament

• NATO gives to Albania 250 armored vehicles


• Economic growth…experts notice it, but the impact isn’t sufficient

• Primer invites and pushes Singapore businessmen to invest in Albania

• State finances local plans of 7 city halls

• Interest rate and bonds surged to 3.8%

• USA dollar gains points against domestic currency

• Exports towards Italy marked a satisfying increase last year

• Energy Minister makes Albania attractive for Singapore to invest

• Albania state pays to IMF EUR 330 mln after 14 years

• IMF is holding talks with Albania on how to diminish bad loans

• Currency values today


• Teacher promotes ISIS at school. She was arrested and suspended


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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AINA TIR-FAX, January 18, 2016



• By Court decision state pays off the families of 21 January victims

• Speaker Meta holds a meeting with Mr. Brownfield in USA

• Netherlands judge shocked by Albanian judge mentality

• Rama is grateful to Singapore for recognizing Kosovo

• The Right sees insecurities in EU-Balkan relations after Brexit

• BE grants 10 mln EUR for Vetting process in Albania

• During 2017 CEC will exploit a budget of 139 mln ALL

• SP MP Balla – Electoral Reform Committee requires DP’s presence

• Albania and Iceland excellent political-parliamentary relations

• Basha – We won’t boycott anything, we’ll win these elections

• Basha and Nishani estimate the favoring role of Tajan to Albania

• Albanian Naval Forces conduct anti-trafficking operations in Aegean Sea

• A “bee” flies noisily over Albania ahead of election campaign


• Albania and Kosovo agree on a joint custom when it comes to goods exchange

• Singapore-Albania trade and investments forum 2017

• INSTAT – 67.5% of overall Albanian trade exchange was EU-oriented

• CEFTA offers Albania the chance to apply for Secretariat Director

• State- EBRD, 100 mln USD loan agreement signed

• The cost of electronic voting and counting may get to 70 mln USD

• Tirana Square workings to cost 11 mln EUR

• For 2017Albania will attend less international tourism fairs, unlike 2016

• INSTAT – Albania held the worst export performance in 2016

• PDO – We saved EUR 60 mln due to good power management

• Germany gives EUR 20 mln to Albania-FYROM power line

• Currency values today


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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