AINA TIR-FAX, December 9 , 2016



• Who will manage upcoming general elections?

• The President – Albania thankful to Poland’s partnership

• Election Reform Commission’s preparation phase for 2017 elections

• Attempts to depoliticize Polling Station Commissions

• Meta calls for a Venice-standard justice reform

• Poland upholds Albania-EU accession talks

• Berisha refuses to testify at Enquiry Committee for CEZ

• PM Rama feels enthusiastic of Moody’s financial evaluation

• SSA cast the lot for 8 Election College of Court of Appeal

• Historical relations among Poland and Albania

• SMI vice leader suggests a package of measures in protection of Call Centres

• Donald Lu – Albania needs a much aggressive civil society

• PM Rama lures Polish companies away to invest in Albania

• Vlahutin and Lu hold high level meeting with Speaker Meta

• Local Issues Minister – Country is experiencing an unprecedented justice reform


• Moody’s – Albanian public debt is static due to a fiscal discipline

• PDO invests 6 mln EUR in Korca on energy power supply

• Panariti – Indemnity fund 400 mln ALL for farmers must be approved

• Chamber of Commerce head – Call Centre law does not affect every company

• INSTAT – November marked a 1.9% of inflation

• Economy Committee demands more investments to sanitary service

• EPCA surveys that communication expenses in Albania are lower than in EU

• Moody’s – Justice system reform will favor business climate

• Food costs maintain inflation on a positive ground

• Which are the potentials of Albanian agriculture and agro-business?

• Currency values today

• Amnesty draft-law reintegrates women prisoners

• Former dictator’s museum turns into an art and culture advertising centre


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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AINA TIR-FAX, December 8, 2016



• Students Movement Anniversary. Those who toppled the regime

• One CDU member call for Albania-EU accession talks

• Albania benefits from the newly approved mechanism for suspending visa lifting

• France – No additional tasks for Albania, just the Vetting process

• Integration Minister assures full France support for country’s integration

• Foreign Minister holds speech at Western Balkan Summit. Basha present too

• Mitrovica wall. Right-wing’s press statement…A provocation

• Albanian Ambassador to USA – How US released us from communism

• Foreign Minister mentions Albania contribution to a safer EU

• Venice Commission to publish its final opinion on Vetting law this Sunday

• On Students Manifestation Day DP holds protests around the capital

• The President – Vetting should apply as soon as possible and be fair


• WB calculates only 10% of adults in Albania save money for pension

• Treasury bonds rate surge once more at the last auction

• Agriculture Ministry investment scheme to stir up agriculture products

• Finance Ministry – Profit tax mount up to 21.1%

• AIS & Open Data Albania say very little transparency on parties finances

• Investments on forestation, 10 mln ALL to the city of Permet

• BoA – Impartial justice system is the reason to non-performing loans

• CMD – Some confiscated goods not to be put up for auction

• Power Distribution Operator encases 50.6 bln ALL in 10 months

• Public debt in a fix, state bonds rate went to 1 point %

• Tax Department corroborates sectors that are exposed to tax risk

• WB – Albanians would rather save their money abroad, thus surging informality

• Currency values today

• Weather forecast tomorrow

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