AINA TIR-FAX, May 25, 2017



• PM Rama meets Trump at NATO Summit

• Social Democracy leader – Coalitions we excluded on purpose by SP-DP deal

• Vetting commissions start hearing sessions with all applicants

• Democrats prepare the electoral list

• PM Rama – Talks on integration to be set in by the end of 2017

• SDP and SMI sign cooperation agreement

• Former Speaker, Dule – Only tow solutions to small parties

• SMI – DP-SP agreement strikes small parties

• President attend the 5th Global Platform 2017 in Mexico on Disaster Risk Reduction

• Rama-Tsipras meeting. Lets unfasten our controversies

• DP files the request to CEC to be registered as electoral subject

• CEC starts monitoring political parties finances for the election campaign


• Economy Minister – Reforms reduced barriers to entrepreneurship

• What does tourism VAT reductions bring?

• Government quest for advisers on World Bank road projects in Albania

• Trieste Summit. Bushati – We aim at boosting foreign investments in Albania

• Parking is turning into a source of incomes to state budget

• Hugo Boss Trade Mark send Albanian General Directory on Marks and Patents for trial

• Debtor businesses change address to escape individuals and Tax Dep.

• Solar and air energy, our future from now on

• Broadcasting System Operation unable to pay for its services

• EU insists on property tax to be applied for all Albanian owners

• Currency values today


• History of National Hero, Skanderbeg, comes to Hollywood

• Souvenir competition put on by the Tirana City hall


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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AINA TIR-FAX, May 24, 2017



• Opposition leader – PM Rama still fooling the people

• CEC permits Tom Doshi to run for MP

• Small parties may give up their votes, offering them to SP

• PM Rama – Without Vetting our pact may be undone

• The 6 caretakers ministers ate now running their show

• Meta – SMI is open to political alliances

• Political parties demand their political spots be transmitted for free

• “Albania-Italy relations during Cold War” conference held

• Balkan and integration. PM Rama meets Mogherini

• Caretakers Interior Minister presents his priorities

• Supreme Court fines DP MP Paloka on slander against former Interior Minister

• What is former PM Berisha stance to Vetting process?


• Remittances softened the crisis. EUR 7 bln in 10 years

• Albania is finally part of the worlds tourism map

• European Central Bank sets Albania the tasks for 2017

• TAP project gives lessons to Tirana Polytechnic University students

• Revenues coming from local power calculates to be LEK 7,869 mln

• VAT injects to state budget LEK 1.5 bln more revenues

• Experts say migration may hamper foreign investments

• What is causing EUR’s devaluation against LEK?

• EUR 1 mln photovoltaic par to be constructed in Lushnja

• Government should ban Italian Call Centers products import, Confindustria says

• Currency values today


• Earthquake of 4.5 magnitude stroke Albania


• Weather forecast tomorrow

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